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Ho Yin Leung

Nice to see you here, I'm HoYin from Hong Kong.

In case you don't know Chinese, the order of pronouncing/writing names in Chinese is opposite to English.

So, HoYin is my first name, Leung is my surname.

My life is relatively simple, and I just do couple of things in my daily life.


It's my career right now. I wrote for and specialized in ROI copies like website SEO-optimized copies, emails, Facebook ads. Here are articles I wrote:

Before that, I have been a web developer who build web and mobile applications for organizations to automate their marketing routines.

A Web Site SEO Consultant

I am sharinng my years of experience on Google SEO tactic and some web development basics in Chinese. If you can read or understand Chinese, you may take a look at my Chinese site


I start playing table tennis (Ping Pong) since I was six and have been in the school team from primary school to university.

Eventually, I become an Assistant Table tennis coach since I was 17 and a certified Table Tennis Coach in Hong Kong.

Now I had 15+ years of coaching experience, and my students are mainly adults.

I discovered one of my strengths: Patient, through coaching students. I also got so much satisfaction and fulfillment whenever my students get improvements through my teachings.


Maybe you think I'm overconfident to say this. I think I got some talent in cooking.

I never cook before I got married, but my food is already quite "eatable" when I cook for the first time. I'm pretty happy about this.

So I would start cooking two times a week, usually on Saturday or Sunday, five years straight.

Now I can confidently cook high-quality, delicious meals that my wife cannot resist who always claimed on a diet. XD

Now I am a dedicated chef of my wife and we eat at home most of the time and don't want to go to the restaurant that much because usually, I make better, healthier food than those restaurant chefs.

I am good at Chinese Guangdong food, Sichuan Spicy food.

Spicy Potato Chips
Spicy Tofu
Spicy Water Beef

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